Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Checklist

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Checklist

All pools, even those used exclusively by experienced swimmers in a competition setting, need to adhere to a swimming pool safety equipment checklist. While your pool is likely already equipped with some of the items we mention, if you’re setting up a pool for competition for the first time—or if you’re wondering whether some of your existing equipment should be replaced—this checklist can help.

What Safety Equipment is Needed for a Pool?

Rescue Equipment

The top items on your swimming pool safety equipment checklist are related to emergency rescue. It’s impossible to prevent every accident, no matter how many safety protocols you have in place. Having the proper rescue equipment quickly accessible in an emergency situation means the difference between life and death in a drowning situation. Consider adding all or any combination of the following equipment to your pool:

  • Ring buoy
  • Rescue tube
  • Rescue pole or shepherd’s hook
  • Rescue can
  • Throwline
  • Backboard

Accident and Injury Supplies

Be prepared to help a swimmer or a spectator in the event of an accident, emergency illness or injury. Add the following accident and injury supplies for safer swims:

  • Personal protective equipment—gloves, goggles, CPR mask, etc.
  • First aid kit
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Eyewash station

Swim Lane Lines with Proven Performance

Properly spaced swim lane lines (typically between 6-9 feet) should be on your swimming pool safety equipment checklist—but that’s not the only aspect of safety to consider when it comes to lane lines. Our racing lanes provide consistent wave quelling from one lane to another, a feature unique to Competitor products.

Correctly Placed Backstroke Flags

Backstroke flags might not be top of mind when it comes to swimming pool safety, but you should definitely add them to your checklist. Backstroke flags perform as a safety mechanism for swimmers to determine their location in the pool and how far they are from the wall.

Position at least three flags left, right and center at least 7 feet above each lane.

Stor Reels for Safe Lane Line Storage

Keeping lane lines securely stored when not in use can prevent trips and related injuries around your pool. Lane line Stor Reels allow for easy, mobile storage and installation and keep your lane lines secure, preventing possible injuries and damage. A safe storage solution for your lane lines is a must on your swimming pool safety list.

Clear Signage

Another important item on your safety checklist is signage. Clearly mark the depth of the pool and place no diving signs in any area where the depth is unsafe for diving. Other signage to consider includes:

  • Pool rules
  • No running sign
  • No lifeguard on duty sign, if applicable
  • Signage indicating the placement of First Aid and AED

If you would like more information on pool safety equipment and how Competitor can help you promote safety, please reach out to us. We want you to make confident, fully informed decisions about purchasing pool equipment—especially when it comes to safety.

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