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Competitor Backstroke Flags and Hardware

Competitor® backstroke flags for swimming pools consist of an oxford nylon material in a range of colors that meet all FINA, NCAA, USA, and NFHS regulations.

Choose either our 11" x 14.5" or our 12" x 18" backstroke flags available in Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Vegas Gold, Gray, Burgundy, Sky Blue, and Navy. Flags may also be customized with numbers, letters or your unique logo in a range of vinyl color appliqués. Contact your distributor for customization options and a color sample sheet with Pantone® colors. Mounting is easy using our braided nylon cord and zinc plated swivel hook. A tighter alternative may be made using our take up reel with vinyl coated cable.

Pool Backstroke Flags Color Options

11x14.5" Backstroke Flags

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200826BLKCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Black 11 x 14.5”Black
200826BLUCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Blue 11 x 14.5”Blue
200826GRECompetitor Backstroke Flag: Green 11 x 14.5”Green
200826NAVCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Navy 11 x 14.5”Navy
200826ORGCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Orange 11 x 14.5”Orange
200826PURCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Purple 11 x 14.5”Purple
200948BURCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Burgundy11 x 14.5”Purple
200826REDCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Red 11 x 14.5”Red
200826WHICompetitor Backstroke Flag: White 11 x 14.5”White
200826YELCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Yellow 11 x 14.5”Yellow
200948GLDCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Vegas Gold 11 x 14.5”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV
200948GRYCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Gray11 x 14.5”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV

12x18" Backstroke Flags

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200948BLKCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Black 12 x 18”Black
200948BLUCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Blue 12 x 18”Blue
200948GRECompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Green 12 x 18”Green
200948NAVCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Navy 12 x 18”Navy
200948ORGCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Orange 12 x 18”Orange
200948PURCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Purple 12 x 18”Purple
200826BURCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Burgundy 12 x 18”Black
200948REDCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Red 12 x 18”Red
200948WHICompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: White 12 x 18”White
200948YELCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Yellow 12 x 18”Yellow
200826GLDCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Vegas Gold 12 x 18”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV
200826GRYCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Gray 12 x 18”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV

Backstroke Flag Parts

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200826ZZZIndividually Applied Letters / Numbers Solid, permanent letters and numbers may be applied via silkscreen printing to either size flag. Please specify color. Flags (16 of 32)
201997Logo Set-UpSchool or organizational logos may be applied via silkscreen printing to either size flag. Please specify color — cost is per each color.Flags (21 of 32)
2008273/16” Braided Nylon CordOrdered and priced per footbraided nylon cord
200828Zinc-Plated Swivel HookUsed with braided nylon cord to tighten the backstroke flags. One hook is used on each end of the cord. Sold each.swivel hook
200200000Take-Up Reel Take Up Reel (Includes Cover and Allen Wrench)Take-Up Reel
200201000Stainless Steel Spring & Cable LockConnects opposite end of the Take Up Reel. Spring and cable lock sold together.200201000 STAINLESS STEEL SPRING & CABLE LOCK...200206000 STAINLESS STEEL CABLE LOCK
2002100003/16” Stainless Steel, Vinyl-Coated CableOrdered and priced per foot200210000  STAINLESS STEEL VINYL COATED CABLE PER FT.