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Competitor Backstroke Flags and Hardware

Competitor® backstroke flags consist of an oxford nylon material in a range of colors that meet all FINA, NCAA, USA, and NFHS regulations.

Choose either our 11" x 14.5" or our 12" x 18" available in Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Vegas Gold and Navy. Flags may also be customized with numbers, letters or your unique logo in a range of vinyl color appliqués. Contact your distributor for customization options and a color sample sheet with Pantone® colors. Mounting is easy using our braided nylon cord and zinc plated swivel hook. A tighter alternative may be made using our take up reel with vinyl coated cable.

Backstroke Flag Colors Options

11x14.5" Backstroke Flags

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200826BLKCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Black 11 x 14.5”Black
200826BLUCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Blue 11 x 14.5”Blue
200826GRECompetitor Backstroke Flag: Green 11 x 14.5”Green
200826NAVCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Navy 11 x 14.5”Navy
200826ORGCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Orange 11 x 14.5”Orange
200826PURCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Purple 11 x 14.5”Purple
-Competitor Backstroke Flag: Burgundy11 x 14.5”Purple
200826REDCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Red 11 x 14.5”Red
200826WHICompetitor Backstroke Flag: White 11 x 14.5”White
200826YELCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Yellow 11 x 14.5”Yellow
200826GLDCompetitor Backstroke Flag: Vegas Gold 11 x 14.5”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV
-Competitor Backstroke Flag: Gray11 x 14.5”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV

12x18" Backstroke Flags

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200948BLKCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Black 12 x 18”Black
200948BLUCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Blue 12 x 18”Blue
200948GRECompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Green 12 x 18”Green
200948NAVCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Navy 12 x 18”Navy
200948ORGCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Orange 12 x 18”Orange
200948PURCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Purple 12 x 18”Purple
-Competitor Large Backstroke Flag: Burgundy 12 x 18”Black
200948REDCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Red 12 x 18”Red
200948WHICompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: White 12 x 18”White
200948YELCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Yellow 12 x 18”Yellow
200948GOLDCompetitor Large Backstroke Flag: Vegas Gold 12 x 18”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV
-Competitor Large Backstroke Flag: Gray 12 x 18”CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV_CSP_Flag_ColorChart_2013_AV

Backstroke Flag Parts

Product #NameDescriptionPhoto
200826ZZZIndividually Applied Letters / Numbers Solid, permanent letters and numbers may be applied via silkscreen printing to either size flag. Please specify color. Flags (16 of 32)
201997Logo Set-UpSchool or organizational logos may be applied via silkscreen printing to either size flag. Please specify color — cost is per each color.Flags (21 of 32)
2008273/16” Braided Nylon CordOrdered and priced per footbraided nylon cord
200828Zinc-Plated Swivel HookUsed with braided nylon cord to tighten the backstroke flags. One hook is used on each end of the cord. Sold each.swivel hook
200200000Take-Up Reel Use along with our 3/16” Stainless Steel, Vinyl-Coated Cable (200210000 ) to provide a tighter mounting option for our Backstroke Flags. Includes Cover & Allen WrenchTake-Up Reel
200201000Stainless Steel Spring & Cable LockConnects opposite end of the Take Up Reel. Spring and cable lock sold together.200201000 STAINLESS STEEL SPRING & CABLE LOCK...200206000 STAINLESS STEEL CABLE LOCK
2002100003/16” Stainless Steel, Vinyl-Coated CableOrdered and priced per foot200210000  STAINLESS STEEL VINYL COATED CABLE PER FT.