Get To Know Competitor’s Director of Customer Service, Bridget Lee

Bridget Lee, employee highlight title image.

At Competitor, we believe each and every lane should be built specifically and uniquely for each customer. After all, every pool is different. Of course, this is no small task. That’s where Bridget comes in.  Bridget Lee is our Director of Customer Service, but really so much more than what her title implies. She provides […]

Best Swimming Goggles for Your Team

best swimming goggles

Let’s talk about swimming goggles. Contrary to what some people may think, they’re not all created equally. Choosing the wrong swim goggle, like goggles made with low quality materials and design, can result in poor swim performance. It’s nearly impossible to focus when the goggles allow water to seep in or fog up every few […]

Custom Swimming Pool Lane Lines Guide

swimming lane line colors

Not all pools are the same. Even rectangular-shaped lap pools can vary in size, meaning the pool lane lines they require may vary, too. How do you know what to purchase when you need racing lane lines for your pool? Other than knowing your pool measurements, how can you create custom racing lane lines quickly, […]

Swimming Pool Rope Float Buyers Guide

swimming pool rope floats

There are many reasons why swimming pool owners choose to buy rope floats. The primary use is for separating swim areas or other safety zones. For example, if a swimming pool has a shallow end and a deep end, the ropes and floats create a distinction between the two areas so swimmers know where the […]

Guide to Swimming Pool Dimensions

Your guide to swimming pool dimensions

When it comes to swimming pool dimensions, the options are endless. Just type “swimming pools” into Google Images and you’ll find thousands of pictures of pools, each one with its own uniqueness. Competitive lap pools come in many different shapes and sizes, too. It all depends on what you plan to use your swimming pool […]

What Color Should Your Swimming Lane Lines Be?

swimming lane line colors

Your swimming lane lines can be custom designed to your specifications, and you can choose any color pattern you’d like. While we can’t speak for other brands’ racing lane lines, we’ve got 14 shades on our color palette. All of our colors are available for large & small discs and donuts. But with so many […]

Are Lane Line Storage Reels All Created Equal?

If you’re in the market for swimming lane lines, you’re probably also considering lane line storage reels. After all, you need a place to store your lane lines safely, keep them from getting tangled, and prevent damage. That’s where lane line storage reels come into play. These essential pieces of equipment provide easy, mobile storage […]

What You Should Know Before Buying Backstroke Flags

Aquatic centers probably have a long list of essential pool equipment, which of course includes swimming lane lines and pacing clocks. But those lists should also include backstroke flags, especially if you host: Lap swimming Swim practices Swim meets Swimmers use backstroke flags in a number of ways. In general, the colorful flags help swimmers […]

How Large and Where Should Your Swim Pace Clock Be?

Pace Clock

Experienced lap swimmers know how to use a pace clock and expect to see one nearby when swimming. It’s the best way for them to track their own improvement and set swimming goals, encouraging them to keep practicing and come back for more. If you want experienced and newcomer swimmers to use your pool for […]

Buying Swimming Lane Lines? Top 5 Considerations You Should Know

Buying Swimming Lane Lines

Adding swimming lane lines to your pool isn’t as simple as choosing the first swim lane you find, clicking “add to cart”, and submitting your order. There are factors you should consider when identifying which type of swim lane is right for you.  As you conduct your search for the right swimming lane lines, keep […]