Swimming Breathing Drills to Improve Your Technique and Lung Capacity

pace clock for swimming breathing drills

Do you ever feel like you’re gasping for air after a few laps while others glide effortlessly through the water? Smooth, efficient breathing is the secret weapon of any strong swimmer. But it’s not just about taking a deep breath – mastering your technique and building lung capacity are crucial for a truly enjoyable and […]

Competition-Grade Swimming Lane Lines: What Sets Them Apart?

swimming pool lane lines

We’re dedicating this one to the unsung heroes of aquatic competition: swimming lane lines. In competitive swimming, your choice of lane lines can make the difference between a mediocre experience and one that even Olympians would be proud of. As a pool owner or operator, you understand the paramount importance of investing in top-tier swim […]

2024 NCAA Championships

Competitor 2024 NCAA Championship Blog.

Competitor® is pleased to once again be the official lane line for all NCAA Swimming Championships in Divisions I, II, and III taking place in March.   “We are proud to provide the best lane lines in the market for all levels of the NCAA Championships. It is a big commitment, but one that means so […]

Swim Training Equipment: An Overview of Kickboards, Pull Buoys, and More

swim training equipment

From kickboards to pull buoys and beyond, the realm of swim training equipment is vast and varied. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer looking to enhance your stroke technique or a novice eager to dive into the world of aquatic fitness, understanding the purpose and benefits of each piece of equipment is key.  Get ready to […]

Pool Maintenance 101: A Guide for Facility Managers

swimming pool maintenance

Maintaining the perfect pool isn’t just about aesthetics; as any good facility manager knows, a well-run pool facility ensures safety, enjoyment, and optimal performance for competitive swimmers. For facility managers trusted with the care of swimming pools, maintenance extends beyond checking chemicals. It’s about balancing water quality, equipment upkeep, and ensuring that every aspect, even […]

Taking Our Mark … and Ready for 2024!

Competitor Taking Our Mark in 2024.

From Men’s & Women’s NCAA Championships, high school State Championships, and USA Swimming events to community pools and recreation centers throughout the U.S., Competitor sets the standards for equipping pools.  Since 1968, Competitor has been American-owned and our products are manufactured and assembled PROUDLY in AMERICA with pride, passion, and expertise. As we reflect on […]

The Psychology of Competitive Swimming: Overcoming Anxiety and Building Confidence

competitive swimming

Competing in any sport can be daunting – and competitive swimming is definitely no exception. The pressure to perform every time your toes touch the water, the fear of failing, and the constant comparison to older scores or other swimmers can take a toll on a swimmer’s confidence and mental health. By learning to effectively […]

Behind the Scenes: The Engineering and Design of State-of-the-Art Swim Lane Lines

swim lane lines

Swim lane lines are an essential part of any competitive swimming pool, but have you ever wondered what goes into the design and engineering of this essential pool equipment? We will take you behind the scenes to explore the science and technology that make state-of-the-art Competitor swim lane lines possible. By exploring everything from the […]

A Note of Gratitude

A Note of Gratitude with Competitor Swim.

This year, Competitor celebrated 55 years of serving the sport of swimming, and not one of them would have been possible if not for the work of our team and the trust of you, our customers, and industry colleagues.   We remain extremely proud of our products and the fact they are American-made and have been […]

The Physics of Swimming: How Water Resistance Impacts Performance

physics of swimming

Anyone who says swimming isn’t a complex sport has never swam competitively. Competitive swimming requires the perfect combination and balance of strength, speed, and endurance. It also includes an often overlooked factor – physics. The physics of swimming can significantly impact a swimmer’s performance and their swim times. By understanding how water resistance works, you […]