8 Swimming Stretches to Avoid Injury

swimming stretches to avoid injury

A good stretch before or after a workout can do wonders for the body. Even though swimming is considered a low-impact sport, there is still the risk of injury. But having a solid stretching routine in place before and after a race, or even a casual dip in the pool, can help you prevent any […]

Making a Connection: Competitor and Queens University of Charlotte 

Queens University campus.

Competitor is proud of the relationship we have had with the Queens University of Charlotte Swimming and Diving teams since 2013. Led by Coach Jeff Dugdale, the Royals’ swim program has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 12+ years of his career. Most recently, both the men’s and women’s swimming programs emerged victorious at the […]

Queens University Spotlight with Jeff Dugdale 

Jeff Dugdale of Queens University of Charlotte.

A native of Kenosha, Wis., Jeff Dugdale took over the reins of the Queens University of Charlotte Men’s and Women’s Swimming in the summer of 2010. Prior to joining the Royals, he assisted Head Coach David Marsh of SwimMAC Carolina with all aspects of running Team Elite whose members include Olympian Cullen Jones and record […]

Why You Should Customize Your Lane Line Storage Reels

why you should customize your lane line storage reels

When purchasing swimming lane lines, it’s not uncommon to also start shopping for lane line storage reels. Outside of competitions, you need a place to protect and store your lane lines from wear and tear. At Competitor, we understand that lane line storage reels are often an afterthought, but they don’t have to be. We […]

Going the Distance at the Phillips 66 National Championships

The Phillips 66 National Championships pool.

As the Official Lane Provider for USA Swimming, Competitor was proud to once again have our lane lines in place for the Phillips 66 National Championships. More than 600 athletes took to the pool at the national meet that took place in Irvine, Calif., from July 26-30. The National Championships were held at the Woollett […]

Why Competitor?

The Competitor Difference title image.

Originally introduced at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Competitor lane lines have proudly been the choice for 10 of the past 14 Olympic Games and also are the official lane lines of the NCAA and USA Swimming. From Men’s & Women’s NCAA Championships, high school State Championships, and USA Swimming events to community pools and recreation […]

Pool Lane Dividers: How to Choose the Best for Your Program

pool lane dividers how to choose the best for your swimming program

When buying equipment for your aquatics program, it’s important to know that pool lane dividers, also known as swimming lane lines, are a key factor in helping swim teams find success in the water. Not only are they a required component for competitions but also help swimmers better navigate the pool as they compete. Competition-grade […]

Swimming Pace Clocks: Everything You Need to Know

swimming pace clocks everything you need to know

If you’ve ever watched a swim meet or attended one, you know the importance placed on pace clocks and intervals around the swimming pool. Before you get serious about hosting swim meets, learning more about pace clocks and their role in competitive swimming events is important. While mastering pace clocks may seem tricky at first, […]

Since 1968

Competitor Since 1968 title image.

Competitor® was established with the introduction of the Non-Turb™ Racing Lane at the 1968 Summer Olympics. This lane set a standard in the industry, as it was the first flexible swim lane to effectively dissipate turbulent water while simultaneously creating a wave control barrier for optimum racing conditions. While the racing Lane eventually evolved into […]

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Checklist

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment Checklist

All pools, even those used exclusively by experienced swimmers in a competition setting, need to adhere to a swimming pool safety equipment checklist. While your pool is likely already equipped with some of the items we mention, if you’re setting up a pool for competition for the first time—or if you’re wondering whether some of […]