How to Clean Tile and Lane Lines for Swimming Pools

Man sitting on the edge of a pool learning to clean swim lane lines

Most in-ground competitive swimming pools feature beautiful tile, custom lane lines, and professional race clocks. You can lose your reputation if you don’t maintain your pool parts. By properly cleaning tiles and line lines for swimming pools, you can increase the lifespan of your pool and ensure you’re ready for your next swim meet.  How […]

Competitor Applauds the 2022 Coaches of the Month 

2022 Competitor coaches of the year.

Competitor is pleased to sponsor the Coach of the Month award and feature on SwimSwam, shedding light on a U.S.-based coach who has risen above the competition each month.  There was no shortage of potential winners for 2022, as the quality of coaching is stronger than ever. Competitor is pleased to have recognized the following […]

Taking Our Mark … and Ready for 2023!

Taking Our Mark in 2023 title image.

From Men’s & Women’s NCAA Championships, high school State Championships, and USA Swimming events to community pools and recreation centers throughout the U.S., Competitor sets the standards for equipping pools. Since 1968, Competitor has been American-owned and our products are manufactured and assembled PROUDLY in AMERICA with pride, passion, and expertise. As we reflect on […]

Top 3 Reasons to Replace Storage Reels

Elite Stor Lane Storage Reel

As a pool owner, you know your equipment is essential to maintaining a healthy swimming pool. Especially for competitive swimming pools, you need your equipment to work correctly for every practice and meet. If any components malfunction, you could find your pool is no longer fit for competitive swimming.  It can be pretty obvious when […]

5 Best Breaststroke Drills for Arms, Legs and More

Looking for the best way to help your swimmers speed up swim times? An efficient breaststroke is critical for all swimmers, especially those looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water.  To get the most out of a breaststroke performance, your swimmers need to perfect their timing, skill and practice until they master […]

Competitor Lane Lines in Place for the 2022 FINA Swimming World Championships 

FINA Swimming World Championships.

As the official partner of USA Swimming, we are proud to have our lane lines in place at the FINA Swimming World Championships being held November 3rd through November 5th, 2022, at the IU Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI.  Since 1988, the FINA Swimming World Cup enables athletes from all around the world to […]

Project Spotlight: Marion YMCA & Community Rec Center

Marion YMCA and Community Recreation Center pool.

Originally published in Athletic Business Construction Cost: $17 millionArea / Square Feet: 86,000 SFOccupancy Date: January 2021 Community connection, transparency and wellness were the primary drivers for this new multigenerational recreation and fitness facility. Designed as a holistic community and wellness center, the new facility connects both figuratively and literally with its site. The parti […]

Swimming Lane Line Markings: What Do They Mean?

swimming lane line markings

When swimmers compete, they can’t be slowed down by trying to find their location in the pool or risk hitting other swimmers along the way. That’s why in pools made for competitive swimming, lane line markings exist to help swimmers gauge where they are in the water. But what are the different types of swimming […]

8 Swimming Stretches to Avoid Injury

swimming stretches to avoid injury

A good stretch before or after a workout can do wonders for the body. Even though swimming is considered a low-impact sport, there is still the risk of injury. But having a solid stretching routine in place before and after a race, or even a casual dip in the pool, can help you prevent any […]

Making a Connection: Competitor and Queens University of Charlotte 

Queens University campus.

Competitor is proud of the relationship we have had with the Queens University of Charlotte Swimming and Diving teams since 2013. Led by Coach Jeff Dugdale, the Royals’ swim program has enjoyed tremendous success over the past 12+ years of his career. Most recently, both the men’s and women’s swimming programs emerged victorious at the […]