Swimming Lane Lines: Repair or Replace?

repair or replace swimming lane lines

No matter how well-built and high-quality your swimming lane lines are, they’ll eventually wear out. For optimal longevity, it’s crucial to take care of your racing lanes and maintain them properly. But if there’s a problem with your swimming lane lines, should you repair or replace them?

Whatever you do, it’s important to make sure you address the issue immediately, since faulty lane lines can impact swimmer performance and safety. Here’s how to know when to repair or replace swimming lane lines.

When to Repair and Replace Swimming Lane Lines

You Need a 15 Meter Resurfacing Marker

A swimmer must break the surface of the water at the 15-meter mark — both after the start of the race and each turn. Therefore, the 15-meter distance must be clearly marked on both ends of the pool so swimmers can quickly see when they’re reaching the 15 meter mark. The best and most common way to do this is with a resurfacing marker on your swim racing lane lines.

The Solution: Repair

You shouldn’t need to replace your entire swimming lane line. Instead, you’ll have to add a different-colored resurfacing marker at the 15-meter mark. This is a relatively simple fix that doesn’t require purchasing entirely new racing lanes.

A Lane Float is Damaged

Yes, wear and tear can happen to swimming lane lines, especially because they’re exposed to chemicals in the water. You might find that an individual pool divider float gets damaged, faded, or faulty. Of course you want your lane lines to look coherent and professional, so it’s important to get rid of the damaged float right away.

The Solution: Replace

The best option is to replace the damaged lane float. This ensures the new float matches the rest of the racing lane lines and everything looks consistent. If you purchased extra replacement parts for your lane lines, you can easily swap out a replacement float instead of ordering one and waiting for it to arrive.

Lane Hardware is Busted

Broken or damaged hardware on your swimming lane lines is definitely a safety concern for swimmers. It disrupts the entire functionality of your lane lines and could impact the rest of the materials. Jump on this problem as quickly as you can.

The Solution: Replace

The attachment hardware for your swimming lane lines can be replaced without having to replace the entire lane line. That’s good news for your budget and time. If you don’t have extra attachment hardware on hand, you can order new ones.

Lane Rope is Broken

Sometimes the rope that holds together the racing lane line floats breaks. Although rare, it is a possibility. Breaks can happen if the lane lines are handled roughly, for example if they’re pulled across sharp edges when entering or exiting the pool.

The Solution: Replace

If the rope for your swimming lane lines breaks, you’re likely going to have to replace the entire lane. The rope is what holds everything together. If it breaks, all of the floats will need to be restrung on a new rope that is the proper length.

The best thing you can do to keep your racing lane lines from needing repaired or replaced is inspecting them often. You should also take special care to maintain them so they last as long as possible. Use take up reels for easy, safe, mobile storage and installation of racing lanes.

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