Buying Swimming Lane Lines? Top 5 Considerations You Should Know

Buying Swimming Lane Lines

Adding swimming lane lines to your pool isn’t as simple as choosing the first swim lane you find, clicking “add to cart”, and submitting your order. There are factors you should consider when identifying which type of swim lane is right for you. 

As you conduct your search for the right swimming lane lines, keep these top 5 considerations in mind:

Swimming Lane Lines are Multipurpose

The lane lines in your pool do more than outline the lanes for swimming. They also create the right environment in the water for swimmers, especially when it comes to competitive swimming. 

The goal of racing lane technology is to allow for turbulence control the entire length of the lane, eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back. That means choosing the correct swimming lane lines is more important than many people think.

Quality Counts

Choosing just any swimming lane lines, even ones that are lower priced but also lower quality, isn’t a smart idea for the long run. HIgher quality swimming lane lines are less likely to erode over time. The steel cable is less likely to rust, as well. 

For example, Competitor Swim’s lanes are made up of a series of 4-inch or 6-inch polyethylene discs and donuts assembled on a vinyl coated stainless steel cable. This prevents rusting of the cable.

Disc Size Matters

The size of the polyethylene discs and donuts influences not just the look of your swimming lanes, but the functionality. Smaller discs are typically a lower price, but they block less wave energy and allow for more turbulence. Keep this in mind as you choose sizes, but remember that our discs and donuts use flow through technology that allow for turbulence control the entire length of the lane, eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back.

Never Assume Lane Length

To determine your racing lane length, find the distance between the end walls of your pool (course length). Do not include gutters in measuring for your swim lane line. A long course is typically 50 meters. A short course is 25 yards (U.S.) or 25 meters (U.S. and International). 

Never assume the length of your pool. Before ordering swimming lane lines, measure the pool yourself or check with your pool’s builder.

Go Custom

You can order exactly what you need in terms of lane line length, color, pattern, and size. Remember that if you plan to use the swimming lane lines for competitions, there are certain rules you must follow. 

For example, the first 15-meters of both ends of your swim racing lane need to be one solid color. Then at the 15-meter mark (where the swimmer must resurface before touching the wall) the disc and donut colors can alternate every foot.

Competitor Swim’s lanes can be custom designed to your specifications, and you can choose any color pattern you’d like. Our swimming lane lines also come shipped fully assembled and meet all FINA, USA, NCAA and NFHS standards.

Custom Swimming Lane Lines from Competitor Swim

Competitor Swim® believes each and every lane should be built specifically for each customer. All of our lane lines are custom built by hand with pride, passion, and expertise. We take great pride in the fact that all Competitor Swim® Racing Lanes are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Contact us for more information.