Why You Should Customize Your Lane Line Storage Reels

why you should customize your lane line storage reels

When purchasing swimming lane lines, it’s not uncommon to also start shopping for lane line storage reels. Outside of competitions, you need a place to protect and store your lane lines from wear and tear.

At Competitor, we understand that lane line storage reels are often an afterthought, but they don’t have to be. We make it easy to customize your lane line storage reels to match your swimming lane lines, team colors, or brand.

Why Create Custom Lane Line Storage Reels?

When shopping for swimming lane lines, it’s not uncommon to purchase options matching your team colors, facility, or brand. Since purchasing custom colors for lane lines is easy, you can find options to suit almost any team or facility. At Competitor, we offer more than ten different color options to ensure you find a winning combination.

You may have noticed that when you store lane lines with storage reels, you can lose the impact of your custom color selection. That’s why we take things a step further to also offer custom lane line storage reels.

Custom storage reels make it easy for you to highlight your team spirit locally or in front of the entire world. You can customize lane line storage reels by adding the following:

  • Team logo or mascot
  • Brand logo
  • Gym or facility name
  • Team colors
  • Colors that coordinate with lane lines
  • and more!

Add to your facility’s professionalism with customized storage reels that not only look great but also get the job done.

customized swimming lane storage reel

Lane Line Storage Reel Options

While we know customization isn’t your number one priority when choosing quality storage reels, we never want it to feel like an afterthought.

At Competitor, you can choose from three different types of Stor-Lane Reels for indoor or outdoor use to ensure you have what you need to keep your lane lines safe, untangled, and free from damage.

Choose from:

  • Classic Stor-Lane Reel – With a PVC core, 5” medical-grade casters, transport handles, and options for 4” or 6” capacities, you can’t go wrong.
  • Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel – This option features a powder-coated aluminum disk, core and frame, as well as stainless steel casters to offer lasting durability for 4” or 6” capacities.
  • Elite Stor-Lane Reel – With the largest capacity, you can easily store up to 15 lanes using this durable powder-coated lane line storage reel with stainless steel casters and a durable enclosed wheel.

We never want our customers to sacrifice quality for customization, so we offer several durable options that can all be customized to your specifications. Our goal is to make your swimming pool look as professional as possible while providing lasting durability.

branded swimming lane storage

Find the Perfect Custom Lane Line Storage Reels from Competitor

Competitor offers several durable options for lane line storage reels to ensure you get the tools you need to help your swimmers succeed. All of our products are custom-built by hand with expertise, pride, and a passion for swimming sports. Our lane line storage reels are built to last and assembled in the USA. Need some help? Contact us to create your custom lane line storage reels today.