Why Competitor?

The Competitor Difference title image.

Originally introduced at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Competitor lane lines have proudly been the choice for 10 of the past 14 Olympic Games and also are the official lane lines of the NCAA and USA Swimming. From Men’s & Women’s NCAA Championships, high school State Championships, and USA Swimming events to community pools and recreation centers throughout the U.S., Competitor sets the standards for equipping pools. 

So, why Competitor? Here are a few reasons.

Made in the USA –  American-owned since 1968, Competitor takes great pride in the fact that all Competitor lane lines are made by hand – with pride, passion, and expertise –  and manufactured in the United States, along with its line of products that include Stor Lane Reels™, EZ-Lock Floats, pace clocks, and backstroke flags.

We are Official – Competitor has partnerships with both USA Swimming and the NCAA, making Competitor the official lane lines of both organizations. Throughout the past 53 years, Competitor has been front and center at the majority of the NCAA Championships, USA Swimming Olympic Trials, and 10 Olympic Games.

100% Guaranteed – Providing outstanding customer service with integrity and constantly working to “make customers for life,” is a core focus of the Competitor team. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. End of story.

LifeSpan+ Technology – A “game-changer” for the Competitor brand was the development of the LifeSpan+™ formula that goes into each Competitor lane line. Developed in collaboration with the University of Akron Institute of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering and A. Schulman, a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins, LifeSpan+™ substantially increases the useful life of Competitor discs in harsh pool environments.

Quelling Performance – Competitor lane lines are comprised of discs and donuts with flow-through technology that allow for turbulence control the entire length of the lane, eliminating dead spots and water bounce-back. Quelling tests conducted at the McCorckle Aquatic Center at The Ohio State University, by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering showed Competitor lane lines outperformed the closest rival by more than 20% and the average of all major brands by 40%. 

Fast Shipping – We build and ship lane lines faster than anyone in the industry.

Highest Quality – Competitor relies on both that knowledge of the sport and science to develop the best products for our users, from the quality of the material to the ease of use of the product. Each product is inspected a minimum of three times prior to shipping.

Wide Selection – We offer a wide assortment of colors and customization options throughout our entire product line of lane lines, Stor Lane Reels™, EZ-Lock Floats, pace clocks, and backstroke flags.