What Makes a Competitive Swimming Pool Fast?

Have you ever heard the term “fast pool?” Often used in the world of swimming, this term is used for competitive swimming pools where many swimmers perform well. Several factors help to make a fast swimming pool, and it’s a reputation any pool owner would be proud to have. 

The Key Design Elements of a Fast Swimming Pool

If you are a gym owner, you want your competitive swimming pool to be deemed fast. How can you make this happen? Several key design elements can make a huge difference in the speed of your swimming pool, and paying attention to them can help you earn a fast reputation. 

Water Depth 

The depth of a competitive swimming pool has been largely decided to be the most significant element in making it fast for swimmers. Deeper water is typically regarded as faster when it comes to competitive swimming, but not too deep.

Olympic swimming pools must be at least two meters deep across the entire length of the water. 

Why won’t shallow water do the trick? Shallow water in a competitive swimming pool can create too many waves that easily bounce off the bottom, making it difficult for swimmers to move through the water with grace and speed. 

Water Temperature 

Having your competitive swimming pool at the right temperature is vital to making it a fast pool. The perfect temperature for competitive swimmers is between 77 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If a pool is too hot, it can cause swimmers to overheat; if it is too cold, it can cause damage to their muscles while swimming. 

Lane Width 

There are swimming pool lane width requirements in place for a reason. Having wider lanes in your pool ensures each swimmer isn’t getting splashed or distracted by their competitors. 

The requirement for a fast swimming pool is seven feet wide, and some collegiate competition swimming pools have lane widths of over 9 feet. Many pools even include buffer lanes at each end, so a swimmer isn’t accidentally scraping against the pool wall. 

Pool Gutters

Another factor you have to consider as a gym owner is your pool’s gutter design. The gutter can help reduce waves that are created, helping competitive swimmers go faster. 

There are different types and sizes of gutters, all of which can impact a swimmer’s overall speed. The bigger the gutter depth, the more the waves will be absorbed and not impact a swimmer’s speed. 

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