Top 3 Reasons to Replace Storage Reels

Elite Stor Lane Storage Reel

As a pool owner, you know your equipment is essential to maintaining a healthy swimming pool. Especially for competitive swimming pools, you need your equipment to work correctly for every practice and meet. If any components malfunction, you could find your pool is no longer fit for competitive swimming. 

It can be pretty obvious when most pool equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. But how do you know when to replace your storage reels? Do they ever need to be replaced? The short answer is yes. 

There are three main reasons to consider storage reel replacement. 

1. You’re Paying to Get Storage Reels Repaired

While it’s important to maintain your storage reels, it might be time to consider replacements if you’re paying for a lot of repairs or trying to do repairs yourself. Storage reels are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to protecting your lane lines. If your storage reels are failing, cracking, fading or jamming, you could end up causing damage to your lane lines. 

2. Your Have Old Storage Reels

Competitor offers three different types of lane line storage options to match your specific needs. If your storage reels are losing their luster, it might be time to consider a replacement. And with new lane line storage products, you can customize them to showcase your logo or gym name. 

We offer mobile storage options that feature solid end-wheels to prevent your lane lines from tangling or getting damaged. Storage reels are the first line of defense for your lane lines and old ones might not be getting the job done anymore. 

3. You Want to Improve Your Efficiency 

When it comes to competitive swimming, timing is everything. Maintaining efficiencies is an important aspect of protecting your pool, equipment, and reputation. Storage reel replacements can help you maintain professionalism and efficiency in using and storing your lane lines. 

Is it time to consider storage reel replacement? Competitor is here to help you find the best lane line reel solutions for your pool. 

Keep Your Pool Competition-Ready With Help From Competitor

Competitor is proud to offer three options of storage reels for easy, mobile storage and installation of racing lanes. We also offer a full selection of pace clocks and more to help your swimmers look and feel their best during meets. All of our products are custom-built by hand with expertise, pride, and a passion for swimming sports. Contact us to find the right swimming gear for your competition team.