Introducing the EZ-Tensioner

Introducing the EZ-Tensioner: Fast. Easy. No Wrench. from Competitor Swim

Designed with ease of use in mind, the EZ-Tensioner is the newest product available through Competitor Swim. 

Our EZ-Tensioner is exclusive to the Competitor Swim line. User-friendly and uncomplicated, the EZ-Tensioner represents a cutting-edge response to the challenges associated with conventional tensioners. 

Competitor racing lanes attach to the pool wall using a stainless-steel spring at one end and a stainless steel and bronze ratchet reel at the other for proper tension. The original take-up reel is designed to be tightened with a removable wrench. 

“Our goal was to make a very durable tensioner that was quick and easy to use, and you did not need a wrench to tighten the lane.” – Brad Underwood, Competitor President 

How it works 

  • 3 clicks to tighten your lane lines 
  • One motion to release the tension 
  • No wrench needed 

Whether you need new lane lines or need to upgrade or replace your old tensioner, the EZ-Tensioner is designed to fit on any lane line and will be available to order in November 2023. 

The EZ-Tensioner: Fast. Easy. No Wrench.