How Large and Where Should Your Swim Pace Clock Be?

Pace Clock

Experienced lap swimmers know how to use a pace clock and expect to see one nearby when swimming. It’s the best way for them to track their own improvement and set swimming goals, encouraging them to keep practicing and come back for more. If you want experienced and newcomer swimmers to use your pool for lap swimming, make sure it fits the bill in terms of equipment.

Clearly you need a pace clock because your swimmers expect it. But what size do you need? How do you decide which type to purchase? And where should it go?

Why Have a Pace Clock?

There are two main reasons swimmers use a pace clock. The first is to perform interval sets during a swimming workout. The second is to be able to gauge improvement in terms of swimming efficiency.

If you want your lap pool to be up to professional swimming standards, you must have a pace clock. Even for those who swim as a form of personal training and exercise, pace clocks are a must-have tool for monitoring self improvement.

Pace Clock Size

Pace clocks range in size from 15 inches to 37 inches and come in a variety of colors, making them easy to spot while swimming. The 37-inch pace clocks feature large, highly visible 3 ½ inch quarter numbers, designed primarily for competitive swim training.

The smaller 15-inch size still uses large, easy-to-see quarter-minute numbers, but they’re more ideal for swim pacing, aerobics and personal training. These clocks are offered as a battery-powered unit with an easy to transport top-handle and flat base. 

The size and type you choose is up to you. It depends on how large your pool area is, how many clocks you plan to purchase, and how competitive or professional your swimmers are. Our best advice: Purchase a variety of sizes so you always have something that fits the bill for your swimmers, no matter how advanced they are.

Pace Clock Location

Where should you put your pace clocks so swimmers can easily see and use them? As the person swims, they should be able to glance up and quickly spot the pace clock. Therefore, you should put them adjacent to the ends of the pool.

Pace Clock Materials

Our pace clocks are made from durable materials to resist the impact of pool chemicals and weather. They feature sweep-minute and second hands that are easy to see and designed to resist warping. Faces and hands are protected from damage and splashing by a clear Plexiglas® lens.

The best pace clocks offer a unique face design with highly visible large numbers at critical intervals for ease of use. This visibility is critical when performing training sets and for assessing improvement.

Pace Clocks and Swimming Lane Lines from Competitor Swim

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