Get To Know Competitor’s Director of Customer Service, Bridget Lee

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At Competitor, we believe each and every lane should be built specifically and uniquely for each customer. After all, every pool is different. Of course, this is no small task. That’s where Bridget comes in. 

Bridget Lee is our Director of Customer Service, but really so much more than what her title implies. She provides unmatched personal attention to each of our customers, providing thorough information in response to each quote request and email she receives in order to serve our dealer network comprehensively and efficiently. And, she does so with laughter and exuberance. 

Bridget earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Monmouth College in Physical Education with a Minor in Art, but feels fortunate to found her true passion with Competitor,  “I really love what I do!”

Our team members are the heart and soul of Competitor and we would love for you to get to know each of them a little better. We recently had the chance to chat with Bridget about her role with Competitor, what she loves most about her job, and how she likes to spend her time ‘away from the pool’.

Tell us a little about what you do for Competitor. 

I am the first point of contact for our dealers and customers when it comes to pricing and fielding questions about our company and the products we offer.

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Let’s talk about your family.

Of course, I love talking about them and sharing our stories!

I met my husband in a very unconventional way. My mom was at a dealership waiting on her car to be serviced when she struck up a conversation with a man also waiting on his car. She shared all about her daughter (AKA me) and granddaughter living in Illinois, and even went on to share photos and exchange email addresses. I was a bit mortified and sent him an apology via email. But … from there, I moved back to Ohio two months later and six years later, married that same man. We have been married for four years and together for ten. He works as a Data Technology Manager. 

We have a 17 year old daughter, Fiona. She is captain of the Sparkle Cheer Team and plays basketball and participates in equestrian for the Special Olympics. She also recently started her own cookie business, Fi’s Cookies.  With schools shut down over the past year as a result of the pandemic, we began to recognize that Fiona was regressing with her fine motor skills. So we encouraged and helped her start her business, and are very proud of her efforts and appreciate the support of our local community and beyond. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have three boxers, Tilly (2 years), Sadie (8 years) and Tazoo (13 years). 

When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

My family, including my parents and in-laws who both live about one mile from us, are very involved with the Medina County Special Olympics. I serve on the board and we actively participate in fundraisers and coaching. On weekends when the weather is nice, my husband and I take our classic cars, a ‘69 Corvette for him and a ’55 Chevy 3100 Truck for me, to cruise-ins. I also have a little fitness boutique that is used to serve the community. When I’m not volunteering, traveling to show off our classic vehicles or managing my fitness boutique, I am supporting my daughter and her cookie business. Since February, I have helped her make over 5,000 cookies. It has been wonderful to see her grow and retain her skills in customer service, monetary skills and time management through the lens of business ownership. 

What are your words to live by or your personal mantra?

People will always have an opinion of you so be confident in who you are and care less what they think.  Put the energy of worrying about what people think into being confident in who you are.

What are you watching or listening to?

I just finished watching The Americans, Behind Her Eyes, and Clickbait.

Like my shows, I like variety in my music as well. I really love boy bands, especially NSYNC. We have playlists at Competitor and I fill mine with boy bands because it is expected. But I also enjoy music from the 50s, to today’s hits, classic, oldies and new age techno. Music is playing 85% of my day. 

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What is your favorite part about working at Competitor?

My journey of working for Competitor has been an interesting one and I’m very happy it happened. I started out by assisting Brad Underwood, President of Competitor, with recruiting and staff while at a staffing agency. After working with him in that capacity for a few months, he hired me as the Director of Customer Service for Competitor.  I worked with the team for 2 years in Medina, where the company was originally located, until Brad moved the corporate headquarters to the Columbus, Ohio area.  Brad asked me to continue serving his customers from where I reside in Medina, Ohio. That was about 5 years ago! 

I have enjoyed working at Competitor every step of the way. We have a great work/life balance. I am not micromanaged and am trusted to get the job done. Even better, I am supported in my decisions I make with and for our dealers and customers. The icing on the cake is the relationships and people I meet while serving our dealers and customers. 

What are three words that your clients or colleagues have used to describe you?




Finally, let’s talk about how you spend the majority of your time servicing the customers of Competitor. What is your most requested need from customers and dealers?

I spend most of my day working closely with our dealers to help organize and quote their orders, and provide recommendations for any necessary lane lines, water polo courses, backstroke flags and Classic/Classic Plus and Elite Reels.  After the order is placed, I review the order for completeness and contact with the dealer for any changes that may be needed.  When I am not helping dealers with the order process, I am working with them to answer any questions they may have about our products.  

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