Bridget’s Tips for Our Dealers

Simple Tricks to Make Your Job Easier

At Competitor, we believe each and every lane should be built specifically and uniquely for each customer. After all, every pool is different. Of course, this is no small task. That’s where Bridget comes in. 

Our Director of Customer Service, Bridget Lee serves our dealer network comprehensively and efficiently, by providing unmatched service and thorough information in response to each quote request and email she receives. 

While Bridget is here to help with your order, she has put together a list of some tricks that will make your job just a little easier. Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will be adding more Tips + Tricks as Bridget comes across them!

Tip #1: Remember your order will be processed faster if you provide the colors for your lane lines.

Standard lanes (60′, 75′, 25m and 50m) need the following color pattern:

  • 15′ end color
  • 1st alternating color
  • 2nd alternating color
  • Backstroke marker color

Get started customizing your lane lines using our Lane Wizard. Don’t worry, our Custom Swimming Pool Lane Line Guide will help guide you through the process! 

Tip #2: Did you know? If you have a lane line that is 3 colors, we always assemble the lanes with the lighter color alternating first.

If you are not sure on the colors for your lane lines, check out our recent article, What Color Should Your Swimming Lane Lines Be?

Tip #3: Remember your backstroke marker.

If your order will be used competitively, your customer will want a marker. The color of the backstroke marker should always contrast the 2 alternating colors. We answer other common questions about backstroke markers in our article, What You Should Know Before Buying Backstroke Flags.

Tip #4 We have two sizes of backstroke flags.

We offer 11×14” and 12×18” flags in a variety of colors

Tip #5  To determine the quantity of 11×14” flags needed:

multiple the width of the pool by 12, then divide it by 11 to get the number of flags needed for one end of the pool. Double the final number to have the quantity of flags needed for both ends of the pool. 

Tip #6 The quantity of 12×18” flags needed equals the width of the pool.

For example, if the pool is 40’ wide, you need 40 flags for one end. Double the final number to have the quantity of flags needed for both ends of the pool. 

Tip #7 Competitor can customize one side of your backstroke flag.

We can include a logo, lettering, and number. Keep in mind that we only allow two colors per logo and there is a set up fee for each color.

Tip #8 You can choose from two different hardware options to attach your flags to the stanchions.

The stainless steel cable and hardware kits (spring and take up reel) or braided nylon cord and (4) zinc plated swivel hooks.  If you have a long width to the pool, we recommend you consider purchasing cable and hardware kits as these do not sag over time like the braided nylon cord.