Best Swimming Goggles for Your Team

best swimming goggles

Let’s talk about swimming goggles. Contrary to what some people may think, they’re not all created equally. Choosing the wrong swim goggle, like goggles made with low quality materials and design, can result in poor swim performance. It’s nearly impossible to focus when the goggles allow water to seep in or fog up every few minutes.

If you’re looking for the best swimming goggles for your team, you need a product that will help your swimmers stay focused on the race. You need something that will enhance their performance.

We understand. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best swimming goggles on the market right now, as well as what real customers are saying in online reviews. Hopefully this helps you examine the benefits, weigh your options, and purchase the right swimming goggles for your team.

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Swim goggles need to be comfortable yet secure. They also need to allow for clear vision throughout the entire race. The Speedo Vanquisher goggles check both boxes. They boast a low profile and snug inner eye fit, and according to the website, they provide the widest panoramic view available.

The lenses are anti-fog so your team can stay focused on the race. They also have UV protection to keep your swimmers’ eyes protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

What customers are saying about these goggles:

  • One reviewer declares that the Speedo Vanquisher goggles are the “best goggles ever!” The customer continues, “I’ve tried many different goggles over my 40 years of exercise swimming and these are, by far, the best I’ve ever worn. Superb fit, no leakage, 180 degree sight lines.”
  • Another reviewer writes, “Love them. I have swam with a similar pair for far too long. These feel like heaven!”

Michael Phelps Racing Goggles

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps sells a variety of racing goggles in his online store that range in price. Many swimmers rave about the excellent quality of his swimming goggles. The Ninja Titanium Mirrored goggles in particular are lightweight and comfortable with a patented “set it and forget it” strap. They come with curved lens technology for expanded field of vision. This gives swimmers the improved ability to see walls (and the competition) without changing their head position.

What customers are saying about these goggles:

  • Reviewers seem to love the one-of-a-kind design of these racing goggles, saying “The set and forget is an excellent feature that allows you to focus on the swimming and not worry about water getting in.”
  • Being able to see better in the water is a big plus, according to one reviewer: “It gives you very cool peripheral vision, which helps you feel more comfortable in the water.”

FINIS Smart Goggles

If you thought goggles were only good for keeping out water and fog, you’re in for a treat. FINIS recently released their revolutionary Smart Goggle, which tracks and displays a swimmer’s laps, splits, set time, rest time, and more while training. It’s not disruptive, though — it displays the information at a glance in the corner of the goggle. The swimmer can also connect the goggles to their smartphone app and check their stats after swimming.

What customers are saying about these goggles:

  • People are calling the FINIS Smart Goggles “game-changers”, adding that “lap swimming and sets are so much easier to keep track of, and the social integration is a great addition to what traditionally is a very individual sport.”
  • Swimmers love how much these goggles help keep them focused during training, saying “While I’m swimming, I can focus on improving versus counting laps or tracking time.”

Whether you want a more traditional (yet high quality) goggle for your swimming team or an innovative device to take your team’s training to the next level, one of these three options is sure to check your boxes.

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