5 Best Breaststroke Drills for Arms, Legs and More

Looking for the best way to help your swimmers speed up swim times? An efficient breaststroke is critical for all swimmers, especially those looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water. 

To get the most out of a breaststroke performance, your swimmers need to perfect their timing, skill and practice until they master their stroke. There are lots of breaststroke drills designed for competition-ready pools to help swimmers get the right balance between kicking and pulling. 

The Best Breaststroke Drills for Competitive Swimmers

If you want your swimmers to concentrate on perfecting their breaststroke swimming technique, some exercises can help. The goal is to develop strength, timing, coordination, and overall style.  

  1. Head Above Water – This drill works best in a competition-ready pool with the right swimming lane lines to help guide your swimmer through the pool. The key to this drill is performing a typical breaststroke while keeping the head out of the water the entire time. Using a fast arm stroke rate will help provide the momentum needed to keep the upper body raised out of the water. 
  1. Breaststroke Arms with Flutter Kick – Maintaining speed within swimming lane lines can be challenging for many swimmers. Flutter kicking with breaststroke arms can help improve arm recovery speed and help to maintain a diving motion. Performing this drill regularly can help improve arm strength. 
  1. Freestyle Legs – The breaststroke is often considered strenuous on the upper body, but improving leg strength is just as important. With this simple variation on the breaststroke, your swimmers need to ensure they are kicking their legs in freestyle while keeping their heads at the water level. 
  1. Windshield Wiper – This breaststroke drill targets the out-sweep portion of the pulling motion. By working a swimmer’s balance and forcing them to keep their feet up using core muscles, swimmers can learn how to maintain proper body position and build strength. 
  1. Sculling – Using a simple pull buoy between the thighs, swimmers can work to improve the breaststroke arm pull. Swimmers should keep their wrists firm and make an oscillating movement with their hands to propel forward through the water. Since pull buoys isolate muscles in the upper body and force them to do all the propelling, swimmers can quickly build strength to speed up their breaststroke times.  

Swimmers can do many different breaststroke drills to isolate certain areas of the body and improve their swim times. As a coach, you can invest in pull buoys, finger paddles, and kickboards to challenge your swimmers and make their bodies work even harder. Training aids, along with the best competition-ready pool will have your swimmers ready to compete in no time. 

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