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Competitor Stor Lane Reels and Parts

The Stor-Lane Reel is ideal for the proper storage, installation and removal of Competitor Racing Lanes. The end discs are solid, versus a spoke design, which keeps the lane lines on the core. These end discs also are a safety feature compared to open spokes. Each reel can accommodate up to 540 feet of 4-inch lanes, or 330 feet of 6-inch lanes, and features 5-inch castors and individual brakes for easy maneuverability.

Dimensions: 68” W x 46” D x 58” H.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Color: Blue

The Stor-Lane Reel Cover is comprised of tear-resistant vinyl which is ideal for seasonal storage or everyday use. It protects the lanes from damaging ultra-violet rays, which can break down plastics.

Weight: 14 lbs.
Colors: Royal Blue

Product #
Image (Click to Enlarge)
200350Stor Lane Reel (Holds 540' of 4" Lanes & 330' of 6" Lanes)
200351Stor Lane Reel Cover (Blue Only)
200350001Side Rail (2 Per Reel) Sold as Each
200350002End Frame (2 Per Reel) Sold As Each
200350003Reel Core (1 Per Reel)
200350004Retention Rod (3 Per Reel) Sold As Each
200350005Axle (1 Per Reel)
200350014Reel Disk (2 Per Reel) Must Ship By Motor Ft.)
2003500155" Swivel Caster With Individual Brake (4 Per Reel)
200350019Spacer Disk (3 Per Reel) Sold as Each
200355001Hardware Bag A (Carriage)
200355002Hardware Bag B (Reel)
200355003Hardware Bag C (Use with Bag A)
200355004"T" Clamp (4 Per Reel) Sold as Each
200355005Corner Brace (4 Per Reel) Sold as Each