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Competitor Pace Clocks and Parts

Product #
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20030231" Electric Model (110V Motor)
200305Roll Away Stand (for use with #200302)
20040015" Red Battery Clock (Uses One AA Battery)
20040515" White Battery Clock (Uses One AA Battery)
20030002531" Color Dial Face
20030400231" Flat Plexiglass Lens
20030900031" Electric Red Second Hand
20031000031" Electric Black Minute Hand
200315000Electric Cord with Mid-Point On/Off Switch
200316000Electric Motor (110V Motor)
20040000115" Color Dial Face
20040100015" Flat Plexiglass Lens
20032715" Clock / Complete On/Off Assembly
200306000Battery Motor (One AA Battery)
20040200015" Battery Red Second Hand
20040300015" Battery Black Minute Hand