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  • {{laneData.lengthLabel}} {{laneData.sections.middle.base | propercase}}/{{laneData.sections.alternating.base | propercase}} Racing Lane
  • Solid {{laneData.sections.ends.base | propercase}} 15' Ends
  • {{laneData.sections.backstroke.base | propercase}} Backstroke Markers at 15 meters
  • Total Lane length is always from the end of the take up reel to the end of the spring
  • If your lane line goes beyond the touching point of the walls and span your gutter then you will need extension hooks
  • Conventional Tensioner
  • EZ-Tensioner Upgrade
  • {{poloData.wallToGoals.base | propercase}} Wall To Goal Lanes
  • {{poloData.tethers.base | propercase}} Tethers
  • {{poloData.centers.base | propercase}} Center Lanes
  • Conventional Tensioner
  • EZ-Tensioner Upgrade

Competitor Swim builds all lanes with 15 foot ends by default. Check the box if you would like to customize your end lengths.

Please enter the length of the ends.

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Lane Type
{{ laneData.laneTypeLabel }}
Lane Length
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Solid End Color
{{ laneData.sections.ends.base | propercase }}
First Alternating Color
{{ laneData.sections.middle.base | propercase }}
Second Alternating Color
{{ laneData.sections.alternating.base | propercase }}
Backstroke Color
{{ laneData.sections.backstroke.base | propercase }}
Backstroke Markers
Ends Length
{{ laneData.endLength.value }} {{ laneData.endLength.unit }}
{{ laneData.tensionerType == 'conventional' ? 'Conventional Tensioner' : 'EZ-Tensioner Upgrade' }}
Special Instructions
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