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Competitor Swim was established with the introduction of the Non-Turb™ Racing Lane at the 1968 Summer Olympics. This lane set a standard in the industry, as it was the first flexible swim lane to effectively dissipate turbulent water while simultaneously creating a wave control barrier for optimum racing conditions.

The Competitor Racing Lane eventually evolved into today’s Gold Medal Racing Lane™ whose patented technology was introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Competitor’s Gold Medal Racing Lane™ has proudly been the choice of 9 of the past 12 Olympic Games, most recently at the 2012 London Games.

Closer to home, Competitor Racing Lanes have been used in countless Men’s & Women’s Championships, numerous high school State Championships and USA Swimming events across the country.

Every customer is different. Every pool is different. We believe each and every lane should be built specifically for each customer. All of our lanes are custom built by hand with pride, passion, and expertise. We take great pride in the fact that all Competitor Racing Lanes are manufactured and assembled PROUDLY in AMERICA.

Competitor Swim’s line of products also includes stor lane reels, pace clocks, backstroke flags and the Original Swedish Goggle. We bring the same passion and commitment to each of these swimming accessories, as we do to our lanes and the sport of swimming.

In the fall of 2012, Brad Underwood acquired Competitor Swim. Brad brings 20 years experience in Management, Product Development and Sales in the Sports Industry. Under his leadership, the Competitor Swim team’s #1 goal will always be superior customer service and the delivery of quality products in a timely manner.

“We believe the name Competitor Swim should be synonymous with distinction in the mind of our distributors, the industry leaders and swim coaches – but most of all, our swimmers, who are the inspiration for our standard of quality and excellence. The swimmer and their commitment to the sport, is the reason we are in business in the first place.”

Competitor Swim’s new leadership and production team is committed to a detail-oriented customer service experience that delivers a quality product that is assembled and shipped in an efficient time frame. We expect our customers to challenge us on this commitment!

The Competitor Team:

Brad UnderwoodPresident


Bridget LeeDirector of Customer Service


Suzy MalachiOffice Manager

Kristen Linehan OmliDirector of Swimming Relations


Herb ButsonShipping Manager


AccountingAccounting Dept

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  • 2012 Olympic Games, London
  • 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials
  • 2012 FINA World Championships, Istanbul
  • 2012 European Championships, Antwerpen
  • 2012 European WP Championships, Eindhoven
  • 2011 European Championships S.C. Szczecin
  • 2011 Arab Games, Doha
  • 2011 Indonesian Games, Jakarta
  • 2011 FINA World Championships, Shanghai
  • 2011 Final Four WP, Rome
  • 2011 FINA Junior World Championships, Peru
  • 2011 European Youth Olympic Games, Trabzon
  • 2011 Pan American Games, Mexico City
  • 2011 University Games, Shenzhen

  • 2010 FINA World Championships, Dubai
  • 2010 European Championships S.C. Eindhoven
  • 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou
  • 2010 Commonwealth Games, Delhi
  • 2010 European WP Championships, Zagreb
  • 2010 World Masters Championships, Göteborg
  • 2010 European Championships, Budapest
  • 2010 Final Four WP, Naples
  • 2009 European Championships S.C., Istanbul
  • 2009 FINA World Championships, Rome
  • 2008 European Championships S.C., Rijeka
  • 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing
  • 2008 European Championships, Eindhoven
  • 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials
  • 2007 European Championships S.C., Debrecen
  • 2006 Asian Games Doha
  • 2006 European Championships S.C., Helsinki
  • 2006 European Championships, Budapest
  • 2005 European Championships, S.C., Trieste
  • 2005 FINA World Championships, Montreal
  • 2004 Olympic Games, Athens
  • 2004 European Championships,S.C., Vienna
  • 2004 European Championships, Madrid
  • 2003 European Championships, S.C., Dublin
  • 2002 European Championships, S.C., Riesa
  • 2002 European Championships, Berlin
  • 2002 FINA World Championships, S.C., Moscow
  • 2001 European Championships, S.C., Antwerpen

  • 2000 European Championships, S.C., Valencia
  • 2000 FINA World Championships, S.C., Athens
  • 1999 European Championships, S.C., Lisbon
  • 1999 European Championships, Istanbul
  • 1999 FINA World Championships S.C, Hong Kong
  • 1998 FINA World Championships, Perth
  • 1997 European Championships, Sevilla
  • 1997 FINA World Championships S.C., Gothenburg
  • 1996 European Championships, S.C., Rostock
  • 1995 European Championships, Vienna
  • 1994 European Championships, S.C., Stavanger
  • 1993 European Championships, S.C., Gateshead
  • 1993 European Championships, Sheffi eld
  • 1992 European Championships, S.C., Espoo
  • 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona
  • 1991 European Championships, S.C.Gelsenkirchen

  • 1989 European Championships, Bonn
  • 1988 Olympic Games, Seoli
  • 1987 European Championships, Strasbourg
  • 1986 FINA World Championships, Madrid
  • 1985 European Championships, Sofi a
  • 1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles
  • 1982 FINA World Championships, Guyaquil
  • 1981 European Championships, Split
  • 1980 Olympic Games, Moscow
  • 1979 FINA Cup, Tokyo
  • 1978 FINA World Championships, Berlin
  • 1977 European Championships, Jönköping
  • 1976 Olympic Games, Montreal
  • 1968 Olympic Games, Mexico City

Swim-Industry Leader

Since 1960, Competitor Swim® has been the leader in the production of racing lanes and other swim products for competitions around the world. Competitor lane lines have been used in countless NCAA Championships, as well as 9 of the past 12 Olympic Games, including 2012 in London. Molded and assembled using U.S. – made components, Competitor lane lines are durable, easy to set up and are sold through distributors and dealers worldwide.


Competitor Swim offers excellent customer service and is the industry’s standard for competitive racing ropes.   IMG_0444
Jason T. MillerAssistant Director Recreation Facilities/AquaticsJason T. Miller